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Project by Alessandro Carboni

Production: Formati Sensibili 2010-2014

The project has been developed in the frame of GAP and curated by Federico Bacci, Lucia Giardino with the technical support of Enzo Sivillo Fascetto -

Rethinking Human Energies – on human landscape exploration, is interdisciplinary project produced by Alessandro Carboni for Guilmi Art Project (GAP), an artist residency program on an annual housed in the town of Guilmi (Ch) Abruzzo. The research has focused on the concept of “human energy” relative to the relentless process of demographic reduction that hit the town of Guilmi: they are only 100 inhabitants who still live in the country. The research, developed in stages, has reconstructed a new geography of Guilmi, using the body as a tool for the analysis of space, through actions in urban and rural areas and direct meetings, workshops, collective work, as well as installations, exhibitions and performances in collaboration with the local inhabitants. Rethinking Human Energies  wants to enhance the cultural and historical context of Guilmi, highlighting different points of view about the country’s urban and rural dimension and the daily life of its inhabitants. The artist on his part wants to make its contribution in highlighting the history, the culture, the life of the place and its inhabitants. The project had a positive impact on Guilmi and long-term:  from the first residence of 2010, Alessandro Carboni was invited to participate in the following years to Guilmi Art Project making a series of activities involving the local population: adults , children, adolescents and over 65. The project has been developed in the frame of GAP

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