Alessandro Carboni is an artist whose practice is situated within the performing arts field as a choreographer and performer. After several years of training in the field of visual arts, creative media and performance art practice, he has developed an interdisciplinary practice focused on the production of performative and installation projects involving and collaborating with professionals from different disciplines. 

Alessandro's artistic and conceptual production revolves around the complex web of correlations and permutations that occur between space and its constituent elements (people, places, relationships, meanings), starting from the concept of cartography, intended as a "scaled-down/reduced representation of the earth's surface and the phenomena that take place and evolve on it". In this sense, in his performative and installation projects, the artist uses the stage as an actual projection screen from which arise reflections and criticalities related to the contemporary world. Back in Sardinia, following on from a long path of field research and artistic production between Europe and Hong Kong, centred on the study of the relationships between urban space and performative gesture - leading to the creation of the method of "urban corporal mapping", EM Tools - the artist has grown the need to draw on from original styles and archetypes that could transpose his research to a symbolic way. Hence the creation, in 2018, of The Angular Distance Of A Celestial Body, in which the performative action replaces the body with the graphic sign of the map and manifests itself through a modular geometric structure composed of cotton threads, manipulated by the ritual gestures of two performers.

He presents his works internationally in museums, art galleries, contemporary dance and theater festivals, as well as in non-conventional spaces as Media Architecture Biennale; Venice Architecture Biennale Hong Kong Pavillion; Sa.Le Docks; workspacebrussels; Festival Danza Urbana; Festival Cento Scale, Potenza; Nao–Nuovi Autori Oggi; Festival Fabbrica Europa; Santarcangelo International Festival of the Arts; L’arboreto – Teatro Dimora, Mondaino; Library by soundpocket, Hong Kong; Nanihin Art Centre, Foshan; Kaitat River Project; 1a Space Art Gallery Hong Kong; Switch On, Kuala Lumpur; HanoiSoundstuff Festival, Hanoi; NoiseAsia, Hong Kong;  CapoTrave / Kilowatt - Domino, Zagreb;  Nitra Festival; Bakelit Multi Art Center; ERT - Emilia Romagna Teatro; Urban interventions urbaines, Cifas; Kunsthal, Aahurs; Old Power Station; DOX centre for contemporary art; GDMC – Theatre; ; Motonave Stubnitz, NDSM Werf Noord; EURO-SCENE Das beste tanz solo Festival; Divadlo 29; S.T.E.I.M.

As a committed teacher, he has been lecturing about his findings at numerous distinguished academic and nonacademic institutions as the Milieux Institute of Art and Technology - LeParc/Pulse Concordia University, Montréal; the School of Architecture, Hong Kong; Chichester University; Fontys University, Eindhoven; School of Performance, University of Kerala, Trichur, India; Central Saint Martin’s University of Art Londra; NABA, Milano; S.T.E.I.M, Amsterdam; FestArch festival Internazionale di Architettura; CCDC, Hong Kong; 1aSpace Hong Kong; Mediadanse – Département Danse de l’Université Paris-VIII; NewSchool University, New York; Dept.Architecture Tamkang University, Taipei; Master di Alta Formazione sull’Immagine Contemporanea, Fondazione Fotografia, Modena; IRESA, Sousse University – Tunisia; Adaptive Environments Research Group/IT University of Copenhagen; Living Archives Project, University of Malmö; Participatory IT/Department of Aesthetic of Communication at the University of Aarhus. Recently has been selected as Aerowaves Twenty20 priority artist. 

His projects are supported by Formati Sensibili, an independent production company that shapes projects involving arts, science, architecture and education. 


Based in Sardinia, he is currently working as an independent artist. 

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