Always Becoming is an ongoing and nomadic platform of research reflecting on urban space tensions and complexities and how to activate embodiment processes that turns the body into a cartographic and political tool to map the city. The project attempts to investigate these issues by exploring the ‘subjective mapping’ process of map­-making as epistemic tool, useful to observe the spatial transformations, complexities and organization of urban space, knowledge production and geo-political tensions of our time

Conceived as a collaborative working platform, the project is founded on the interdependence between science, practice and production. Performers, artists and theorists share research materials, thoughts, ideas to work around the body as vector, as a tool and not a condition, to analyze the environment and the urban space. Time and space will be approached from a variety of viewpoints; artistic, political, social. The research period is envisioned to be oscillating between moments of urban explorations, performances, workshops, rehearsal, informal presentations and longer outdoor practice sessions.

Always Becoming# took place already in several cities such as Aarhus, Malmö, Bologna, Copenhagen, Hong Kong, Venice.

Project by Alessandro Carboni

With the participation and contribution of Piersandra di Matteo (researcher and curator), Lorenzo Tripodi/Oginiknauss (video maker and researcher), Massimo Carozzi/Zimmerfrei (sound artist), Alice Mazzetti (dancer), Chiara Castaldini (dancer), Giulia Morini (dancer), Martina Piazzi (dancer), Aristide Rontini (dancer), Tihana Maravic (curator), Lorenza Pignatti (researcher), Felix Ke and Tsui Ivy (dancers), MapOffice/Laurent Gutierrez and Valérie Portefaix (Architect/Visual Artist), David Jhave Johnston (Digital Poet), Jane Prophet (Media Artist), Bogna M Konior (Media Artist Theorist), Wallace Chang (architect), Lai Wai Yi, Monti (Visual Artist), Josef Bares (Visual Artist), Luxi Fang (assistant), Cameline Bolbroe (architect),  Kjell Yngve Petersen (mentor), Laura Beloff (participant), Hugo Mulder ( research fellow); Katrine Lund (research Coordinator); Jørn Lambertsen, (research Assistant); Elin Eyborg Lund (participant); Letizia Binda-Partensky (participant); Christian Skovgaard Petersen (participant), Susan Kozel (Mentor), in collaboration with Elisabet M Nilsson, Temi Odumosu, Jacek Smolicki, Veronica Wiman, Astor Duan (participant), Mariana Gil (participant), Sara Manini (participant), Bridgette Tuckfield (participant), Mike Klitgaard (participant), Fie Carlsen, Marlene Staib (participant), Stine Bundgaard (participant), Jonas Sørensen (participant), Lone Koefoed Hansen (mentor), Geoff Cox (mentor).
Production: Formati Sensibili (2014 on going)
With the support of Hong Kong Arts Development Council (HKADC); Videotage: Fuse Artist-in-residence Programme; Italian Culture Institute of Hong Kong; School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong;  Adaptive Environments Research Group/IT University of Copenhagen; Living Archives Project, University of Malmö; Kunsthal, with the support of Participatory IT/Department of Aesthetic of Communication at the University of Aarhus;  Atelier Sì spaziotempo 2015/16 Artists in ResidenSì Programme; Sale Docks and Workspacebrussels.

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2014 on going