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The research is an extensive and interdisciplinary urban mapping process. During six months trip, Alessandro Carboni reached some urban areas of the city of Singapore, Foshan, Kuala Lumpur, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City.  The materials, text, urban actions, images, video interviews and reports, produced and collected during the periods of residence in urban areas, have been collected within an archive and published, as reportage, during the journey in the architecture magazine Abitare.

After the research period, Alessandro, taking inspiration by the collected materials, produced the work Lau Nay: a performance in collaboration with the Japanese performer Sayaka Kaiwa. The work has been presented in festivals and contemporary art museums. A 45 minutes video documentary was also created, already presented at cinema reviews and video documentaries. A laboratory and a number of conferences presenting the project have already been presented at various universities in Italy and abroad. The results of the first stage of research have opened up new questions about the role of artistic practice as the production of thought not only aesthetic, or assumptions related to usability, but as an agent capable to reflect and also to create changes, transformations and mutations of everyday urban space.

Project by Alessandro Carboni

Production: Formati Sensibili (2011)


Nanihin Art Centre, Foshan, Switch On, Kuala Lumpur, HanoiSoundstuff Festival, Hanoi

Asia tour management, NoiseAsia, Hong Kong

Support: Focus on Art and Science in the  Performing Arts, with the support of the Cultural Program of the European Commission; Nao – Nuovi Autori Oggi

Contributors: Jianan Qu, Saiaka Kaiwa: dance

Dickson Dee: urban exploration and music

Emanuele Lomello: technical director

Z25/Machiel Veltkamp: software and programming; Enzo Sivillo Fascetto: lighting design;  Alessia Meloni: assistance and logistics; Riccardo Mantelli: software and making of “urban proximity detector”

Kembo: video documentation and photo in asia tour; Elisa Poli: scientific contribution

Prof. Wallace CHANG Ping-hung: scientific contribution and mentoring

Trusters:; LaDU / Urban Density Lab-Faculty of Architecture, Cagliari; Festival Fabbrica Europa, Firenze;Digital D3D_Master Environment_NABA, Milano; Media Partner:


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