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Choreography and stage design: Alessandro Carboni
Dance: Sayaka Kaiwa and Jianian Qu
Light design: Enzo Sivillo Fascetto
Music: Dickson Dee
Assistance and organization: Alessia Meloni
Interactive media design: Emanuele Lomello
Visual system:
Production: Formati Sensibili 2011 – Nao–Nuovi Autori Oggi
Support: Festival Fabbrica Europa; LaDU Laboratorio Densità Urbana–Facoltà Architettura,Cagliari|; NoiseAsia ,HongKong – Wallace Chang-School of Architecture of Hong Kong The Performance has been developed in the frame of “Focus on Art and Science in the Performing Arts” with the support of the Cultural Program of the European Commission.

Lau Nay is a part of the Overlapping Discrete Boundaries project.

The performance is a reconstruction of places, perceptions and fragments collected by Alessandro Carboni during a research trip around several cities in South east Asia. The memories of the urban space, bodies and tensions that animate the cities are represented on stage by an informal mass of clothes, rags and fabrics. The dancer's body moves on the stage creating a continuous process of embodiment by wearing clothes and manipulating their shape. The dancer's body transforms, camouflages and becomes the new territory in which the journey memories are translate to the real space as to metaphorical and psychological.


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