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Magra River, Fosdinovo


Title: Geo sketching
Performnce: Alessandro Carboni 

Duration: 30min
materials: mixed media 
photos by: francesco tassara

At the end of the residence programme, Alessandro presented a performance Learning Curves/Magra along the stairways Filia, Verdi Square in La Spezia. During the performance, the artist tells the experience of the research developed along the Magra. The river, the central element of the story of the Lunigiana, becomes the place in which to explore the relationship between geography, history, inhabitants and the transformation of urban and landscape.

The performance has been developed around a building from the early Twentieth century now houses the post office, along the stairways Filia where arranged the audio speakers were played recorded sounds along the river in order to create the environment of the river Magra. In the first part of the performance Alessandro used two buckets and pouring water from one bucket to another, he has created a record and play sound in real time. This sound is added to the ambient sounds of the river. Then, with the public at the following, the artist has climbed the stairs pouring water from one bucket to another until the top of the building. Here the buttons were placed on the ground to form a grid, buttons that Alessandro has shifted to re-create the shape of the river until get to a space adjacent to the button where there was a map of the river Magra.

The map becomes the basis for create a Geo-sketching, a technique in which a video camera point the actions of the artist in a screen in real time. The artist recreates the environment of the river with materials collected during the explorations along the river. The Geo-sketching is accompanied by the sounds recorded along the river and the voices of the people interviewed during the explorations.
The performance is an attempt to tell a journey on different geographical scales among landscapes, people, perceptions, and point of views.

Title: Geo-sketching

Performance by Alessandro Carboni
Exhibition Watersheds, the narrative of the recycle process in a waterborne urban space, Bi-city Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture. Position Gallery, 7 Dic 2013, Shenzhen
photos by:Lu Shilei,Lu Yingyi, Wenjun Yang, Alessandro Carboni

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