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Magra River, Fosdinovo

Learning Curves/Magra

project by Alessandro Carboni

20-25 July 2013, Lunigiana, La Spezia

During a period of residence Alessandro Carboni explored the area along the river Magra on different geographical scales. On the one hand, interdisciplinary exploration led him to discover the paths along the river with the use of various media such as field recordings, photographs and videos; on the other hand, exploration was carried out on a human scale: through two workshops for children and adults made ​​in Arcola, characterized by the exchange between the participants and the artist, times when ideas have emerged and points of view on the history of the Magra and its current status . Through the creation of a miniature map of the territory, the participants were told the river Magra from a geographical point of view, historical and personal. This time of sharing, allowed the artist to collect materials, experiences and stories about the river, and use them as inspiration for the creation and performance.


July 21th-24th – Residence

July 22th – Workshop
Salone Gramsci c/o complesso scolastico Romito, Arcola
4pm – 5pm: Nella mia città – workshop of architecture and construction for children
6pm – 8pm: Geografie Invisibili – workshop and visual arts collective creation for adults

July 25th  – Performance
Scalinata Fillia – La Spezia
10pm: Geo Skecthing


Research and project: Alessandro Carboni
Assistance and secretary: Cristina Gervasi
Thanks to: Tue Greenfort, Tiziano Bonini, Sara Dughetti, Federico Bacci and Comune di Arcola
Production: Formati Sensibili 2013
Learning Curves/Magra has been hosted in residence by CastelloInMovimento, Fosdinovo


The project has been developed in the frame of Lo Spazio Inventato an event that aims to involve the city in a movement of cultural appropriation through supportive housing spaces, this summer will be the historic stairways of La Spezia.

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