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Project by Alessandro Carboni

with Giulia Morini, Chiara Castaldini, Martina Piazzi

Assistance | Chiara Castaldini

Organization| Francesca Divano

Production | Produzione Formati Sensibili 2017

con il supporto di Sa.Le Docks and workspacebrussels. 

Unleashing ghosts from urban darkness combines an installation dimension and performative practices using the body as a cartographic tool. The project involves performers and young people from different geographic backgrounds who have mapped an extended area of the city from the periphery to the center. The mapping is carried out through the instructions of the EM Tools choreographic method, conceived by Alessandro Carboni, an interdisciplinary artist and active researcher between Europe and the South East Asia, who explores the relationships between the body, urban space and cartography.  Unleashing ghosts from urban darkness/Venice is developed in the frame of  Dark Matter Games, an art project that aims to develop and present innovative and socially engaged art practices that often fall out of the scope of more classical art institutions. Inspired by the essay Dark Matter by Gregory Sholette, the project gathers, shares, develops and presents over 25 art practices that take social interaction and transdisciplinarity as their starting point. A workweek in april 2017 gave the opportunity to the participating artists to share their practice and articulate possible urban interventions. In the context of the Venice Biennial opening weekend in May, the artists presented these interventions with an urban festival, the Dark Matter Games!.

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