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Alessandro Carboni has explored the landscape of Salento – specifically the area around Gagliano del Capo – on different geographical scales. On the one hand, the artist has focused on interdisciplinary exploration that led him to discover the paths along the coast and inland, either on foot or by boat, with the use of various media such as field recording, photographs and video. On the other hand, the exploration was carried out on a human scale: this allowed the artist to understand the area’s history through the stories of the people encountered in the period of residence. During the meetings, the participants were guided in the creation of a shared map of the area around Gagliano del Capo. This dialogue and exchange allowed the artist to collect materials, experiences and stories that relate to the coast and the land, and use them as ideas for the creation of the event and final performance. The project remapping extreme land# is developed in the frame of Indagine sulle Terre Estreme, in the frame of GAP, produced and curated by Ramdom.

More info:

Project: Alessandro Carboni

Production: Formati Sensibili 2014

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