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The creative residence of Context starts from a reflection of the latest Alessandro Carboni's project The Angular Distance Of A Celestial Body, in which the performative action replaces the body with the graphic sign of the map and manifests itself through a modular geometric structure composed of cotton threads, manipulated by the ritual gestures of two performers. From this work, spontaneously emerges an evocation of the warp of the Sardinian carpets and a consequent reflection on the possible declinations of the concept of "fabric" (urban, cultural, social ...) and on the "body-maker" intended as a vehicle of variable and discontinuous energies capable of de-structuring and re-structuring the existential perception of the self, the social and the cosmos, to paraphrase the great weaver Luciano Ghersi.  draws from these assumptions and aims to activate a reflection on the idea of weaving and loom as a model of the cosmic mind, and on its relations with the visual arts, cartographic processes and the stage. The artist studied the relation with the patterns and modular structures developed in the Sardinian textile production, for example the traditional design developed in the town of Nule in Sardinia, called Nule's flame - given by the rhomboid shape of the drawing, which resembles precisely a flame - with geometric volumes and primary elementary units of American minimalism. 

Starting from this relationship, the artist explored and developed a visual/performative practice based on the manipulation of woollen threads and modular triangular geometric shapes in order to experiment an action poised between weaving, visual/performing arts and cartography: the carpet, intended as a map, and created on stage, becomes a cartographic projection plan, in which the plot and the warp are the spatial coordinates, latitude and longitude, on which the performer is positioned. 

The project has been developed through an interdisciplinary process of study at the Dia Art Foundation, La Mama, Donal Judd Foundation, Learning and research Centre of MoMa, public presentations and performance at the New School/Parson Institute and Douglas Dunn Studio.

Public events:

Nov 1:  Context-ere_lecture- on the constant negotiation of urban space between immobility and change, public talk at Douglas Dunn Studio, New York

In the frame of Amìna project

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