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In the residence in Nitra, Alessandro worked with 5 performers Ana Luisa Novais Gomes, Francesca Ruggerini, Gianmaria Borzillo, Lucia Guarino and Loredana Tarnovschi. The starting point of the research is the geometric figure of the triangle, which is used as an element of theoretical reflection and as a visual and performative investigation: for Carboni, in fact, the hypotenuse represents the meeting point between the horizontal plane (intended as a spatial dimension of abstraction) and the vertical plane (understood as a real and temporal dimension), between the horizontality of the scenic space and the verticality of the body in movement. To create his work the artist will use triangles, two-dimensional objects whose two faces are respectively black and white. Like a “bit”, to which it can be associated two values 0/1, the triangle becomes a module, a small unit of information. If repeated in space, in their different white or black positions, the triangles become strings of binary code which, like inside a matrix, are configured as synecdoche: a minimal constructive unit that refers to the whole. The work is a constructed in a total executive cleanliness, through a modular geometric structure composed of a series of black and white triangles, manipulated and recombined by the performers in a series of variations within a system of combinatorial and movement rules that determine their execution. What derives from this is a matrix made up of space-time points, a visual and performative texture where the performers are intended as manufacturing bodies, capable of being vehicles of variable and discontinuous energies and of combinations and permutations of the context.

Production: Formati Sensibili, with the co-production of support of CapoTrave / Kilowatt in the frame of SpectACTive with the support di Creative Europe; Nitra Festival, Divadelná Nitra (SK).


Dic 3 and 9: 10am 2pm - Context_Lab

Dic 12: 6.30pm - Context_presentation-open rehearsal 

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