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At the Montreal residence, Alessandro was a guest of the Milieux Institute for Arts, Culture and Technology at Concordia University. Its activities took place within the LePARC, the Performing Arts Research Cluster and PULSE. During the residency Alessandro focused on the study of the matrix as a 'narrative' model and how it operates as system in different context from urban space to body gesture. How many possibilities does this system have? How many possibilities does this have? The possibilities are the result of the choices of the performers in relation to the predefined execution rules and the opportunities of the reference environment. Alessandro developed a performative lecture as format to present the result of the research.

Production: Formati Sensibili

With the support of LePARC, the Performing Arts Research Cluster; PULSE - Performative Urbanism Lab for Spatial, Social, and Scenographic Experimentation


Nov 4: 10am 6pm - Em Tools lab, PULSE - Performative Urbanism Lab

Nov 6: 4.30pm - Context_lecture- on the constant negotiation of urban space between immobility and change, public talk at NextGenCities 4TH SPACE

Nov 7:  5pm - Inverse Power_ performative lecture, LeParc/Milieux. In the frame of milieuXbauhaus Festival,

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