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Performance by and with Alessandro Carboni

Choreography assistant: Chiara Castaldini

Production Formati Sensibili 2014

with the support of Festival Danza Urbana.

Duration: 42min

Starting from the observation of urban space and its transformation processes, the artist begins to work on the concept of flow to study shapes, patterns and modular structures that rule the contemporary city.  The research is translated into the scene through a brick structure positioned orthogonally in the stage. The performance develops in a slow process of brick manipulation and repositioning, in sequential sequences that gradually become chaotic and disordered. Bricks are organised, dropped, destroyed, scattered in the stage. Between traces of dust and brick remains left in space, the artist places his body, measures distances and forms that emerge between the voids. The collected measurements are subsequently reworked in real time by the artist in a choreographic score and presented as a continuous stream of bodily postures.

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