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video and drawings by Alessandro Carboni
with Ivy Tsui and Felix Ke
20-28.2.2016, 11:00am to 6:00pm
19.2.2016 (Fri) – 6:00pm to 8:00pm
@ Videotage, Cattle Depot Artist Village

Corporeal Maps#Hong Kong
by choreography by Alessandro Carboni
with Ivy Tsui and Felix Ke

In Hong Kong, the platform that Alessandro Carboni has worked around is To Kwa Wan, a mixed residential and commercial area located to the west of the old Kai Tak Airport. Starting from an aerial photo sequence taken in the 1980s around To Kwa Wan, Carboni observed and studied the morphological, events and spatial dimension of the urban space. He decided to use body to remap the neighborhood in its geometrical and temporal extension, and to create corporeal maps by repositioning the body in the urban space and reversing the point of view, scale and measurement of the urban space. Carboni worked on this with two dancers, Ivy Tsui and Felix Ke, using Em toolkit – an urban mapping and performance practice tool created by Carboni. As a result, a set of Corporeal Maps – including arched bodies, knees down, rotating arms, shouts, and lying forms – were created and were later reconfigured as choreographic format.

City_Scrores# is a multi-media exhibition combining visual arts and performance practices in which Carboni presents EM application, mapping process and related choreographic composition. In the first room, Unit 13, Carboni presents City_Score # Hong Kong, a visual installation in which he shows Observations, the aerial photos sequence. Accompanying the photo, Carboni presents different diagrams/score/drawings that he made to define Transmission, the phase used in the toolkit to define sequences, choreography parameters and Corporeal maps.

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