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vedic choreographic cube tools

Project by alessandro carboni (2006)

VCCT is performance practice tool. It is devises the joins of the human body in 8 colors where a cube is possible to be built up. Every cube’s angle represents one of these color-joins and give the potentiality of creating a dance sequence by using only one of the millions different possible cubes. The most important outcome of this methodology regard to perception of changing the way the body has learned to move by giving it new spurs based on this different logic.
According to this structure there are eight main elements in our body: head, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, sacrum, hip, knee, feet. They can be used as a starting point in building up a choreography. Each part has a colour representative: white, yellow, orange, red, violet, brown, green, blue. Using these eight colours we can build a cube which illustrates all the relations and surfaces that we were going to use in our sequence. The structure of this geometrical body enables a performer to create many versions of its movements. Each of these relations can be read in a different way, therefore the variety of exploring this cube is endless.

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