project by Alessandro Carboni
 with the participants of EM tools workshop

Assistant | Chiara Castaldini

Organization | Francesca Divano
Production by Formati Sensibili 2018 as part of Atlas of Transitions Biennale | Right to the City - Bologna. Thanks to Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione e Cantieri Meticci. 

Unleashing ghosts from urban darkness combines installative dimension and performance practices where the body is used as a cartographic tool. Starting from EM Tools . embodied map tools, a choreographic method conceived by Alessandro Carboni, a group of local performers are involved in a choreographic creation workshop that focuses on capturing and collecting forms, situations, urban events along a predefined itinerary in order to create corporal maps and choreographic scores, according to the four basic principles of EM Tools: 1. Observation, 2. Capture - mapping the space through corporal actions, 3. Extraction - selective reenactment of the action in a studio, 4. Transmission - corporal map/choreographic score.
The first phase of the project aims to create a series of corporal maps that identify interferences, dissonances, elements of continuity/discontinuity of the urban space in order to reveal its internal conflicts and ambiguity.
In the second phase, the collected tensions and contradictions are reprocessed indoor, while postural sets are “remapped” according to the perception of the space that each performer encountered during the urban experience.
The final phase leads to a performance act that recombines the collected and reprocessed actions in a different time/space scale. The number of postures as well as their duration become a grid where each performer is going to develop his/her own choreographic score.