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Project by Alessandro Carboni

with Giulia Morini, Rebecca Neri, Aurora Vinci, Giulia Nesi, Chiara Calogero, Anik Rayhan, Lamin Ceesay, Jian Zhu (Giacinta), Andreea Ioana Amihaesei, Peng Xuejian, Zhou Xiaoyu, Lu Pengfei, Daniella DeDivitiis Soria, Alexandru Enache, Mengyuan Zhong (Sara), Mihaly Kovacs, Piero Sciavilla, Mousa Alnaanah

Assistance | Chiara Castaldini

Organization| Francesca Divano

Documentation video | Lino Greco

01-06/06/2018 –

Production | Formati Sensibili 2018 con il supporto dell’Ente Regionale Teatrale Emilia Romagna, nell’ambito del progetto Atlas of Transition.- Festival Right to the City - New geographies for a cross-cultural Europe, Bologna 

Unleashing ghosts from urban darkness combines an installation dimension and performative practices using the body as a cartographic tool. The project involves performers and young people from different geographic backgrounds who have mapped an extended area of the city from the periphery to the center. The mapping is carried out through the instructions of the EM Tools choreographic method, conceived by Alessandro Carboni, an interdisciplinary artist and active researcher between Europe and the South East Asia, who explores the relationships between the body, urban space and cartography. A guide translated into 8 languages marks the stages of the work starting from the acquisition of urban forms, situations and events, declined in choreographic writings along a path that starts from the Shoah Memorial.

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