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EM Tools

EM Tools#Bologna
by Alessandro Carboni 

EM is an urban mapping method conceived by Alessandro Carboni which consists in using the body as a device for capturing urban events, to map what happens in a place not only in its geometric extension, but also in its temporal dimension. It is a question of recording the event while it is happening, in its becoming, the body therefore becomes a cartographic tool capable of "capturing" it.
The method proposes a series of tools and process phases that are based on the analysis, capture, extraction and choreographic composition of situations explored during forays into urban space. The method allows its users to reveal events that exist in the urban space but of which we are not fully aware because they are on the periphery of our attention: they are just waiting to be revealed. The performative nature of the workshop allows participants from different fields, such as dance and visual arts, to dialogue and interact with the same language. The working method involves carrying out practical and theoretical activities in the studio and in the urban space.
Friday 4 March, h. 15.00-19.00
Saturday 5 March, h. 10.00-16.00
Sunday 6 March, h. 10.00-16.00

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